Events Calendar

All official New Forest HOG events, but on a calendar you can sync with your phone or Outlook. Includes other events, such as rallies, of interest to our members.

Synchronize the New Forest HOG event schedule with the calendar on your phone!

Those of you using Google Calendar as their calendar system:

  1. Bottom right of the calendar above, click on the “+Google Calendar” and follow on-screen instructions.
  2. Go to the settings and tick to make the new calendar visible, if it is not already. You may need to do this in more than one place such as both on your mobile device and in a browser on a desktop – it depends on what you’re using.

Those of you using Microsoft/Outlook/Azure/Office365:

  1. Go to your calendar (probably on a PC rather than mobile) such as visiting:
  2. Click Add Calendar, choose From Internet, and copy/paste (do not click) this URL in
  4. Give the calendar a name such as New Forest HOG Events.
  5. Assuming you’re syncing your Outlook calendar with your smart phone it should appear straight away but you may need to go to the settings and tick to make the new calendar visible.

Those just using a random calendar app on your phone, follow the instructions for Outlook above from step 2.